Our Ceramics

As we looked for a partner to create the staple ceramic collection we knew we didn't just want the best–we wanted to find someone who believed in the product we were making and, maybe more importantly, viewed ethical creation the same way we did.

How We Found Them

After inquiring with ceramics creators from around world we realized we needed to find a partner who valued sustainability and ethical work practices. Portugal, well known for its ceramics and great people, was a no-brainer place to visit first.

We inquired with forty different creators in Portugal and were able to narrow it down to ten before flying over. Our team rented a car and began our journey from Lisbon to Braga, visiting the best artisan teams.

Fortunately, on our third stop, we met Susie. Susie welcomed us in and we knew right away it would be a perfect fit. The facility was clean, bright, and everyone was laughing. It is truly a great place to work. After our tour Susie explained how their team is zero waste, recycling clays and donating the over mineralized water to local farmers. It was a perfect fit.

The Materials

The materials used in our ceramic collections are recycled ceramic pieces and locally sourced clays just miles from the production location. The water, used to keep the clay moist, is filtered on-site and once it becomes over mineralized is given to farmers as a fertilizer.

Made of stoneware our ceramics are sturdy and durable. You can even put them in the oven.

The Process

Crafted by local Portuguese women and men our ceramics are created using a balanced use of machines and artisan touch. The clay, mixed by machine, is transported to a press. This gives each piece its shaped. Once shaped and dried, each piece is then hand sanded and glazed. It then enters the kiln to be fired before cooling and boxing.