Our Metals

Our metals are crafted by the Herdmar family. Located an hour north of Porto in Portugal the Herdmar family has been crafting flatware for more than 100 years. Their commitment to excellence, sustainability, and family made them a natural fit for Fable.

How We Found Them

While in Portugal during our initial process of searching for ceramic partners we found our way to Braga. During our stay in the northern region, we were recommended to meet Fernando Castro, a nephew of the Herdmar family. We were in awe by the craftsmanship of their work, but even more, impressed by the hospitality. As we began to create cutlery, it was a no brainer that Herdmar was the perfect partner.

The Materials

Built to stand the test of time the Herdmar team utilizes high quality 18/10 stainless steel from local sources. The steel in Fable cutlery is 3.5mm thick giving a dense and perfectly weighted feel when you pick up your fork and knife.

About The Family

Founded by Manuel Marques in 1911 he set out to create the world’s best knives in the mill on the Ave River, Portugal. Over 100 years later this once mill grew into a family business that has stood strong for a century.

When you visit the Herdmar location you feel a part of their family. As we walked around their facility we were welcomed with waves and hellos from everyone, most of whom were siblings and cousins of each other. It was truly a family feeling.