Tawashi Brush - Replacement


The durable biodegradable Tawashi Brush is a kitchen cleaning staple.

  • Remove superficial marks caused by flatware with the Tawashi Brush and a scouring powder
  • Clean everyday cookware
  • Use to scrub root vegetables including carrots, radishes, and potatoes


Durable biodegradable brush

Crafted in Japan

Made made with palm fibres


3.5 in. width

3.9 in. length

1.97 in. thickness

The Tawashi Brush is easy to care for.

  • Wash with water before use
  • Rinse well after use, drain and air dry

How to Tawashi

Step 1

Grab a scouring powder like Bar Keepers Friend (lemon juice and baking soda work in a pinch) then make a paste with water.

Step 2

With your Tawashi Brush give the surface of your ceramics a hearty scrub for a few seconds.

Step 3

After a soapy rinse, your dishes will be as good as new.